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ahulxA t/J,R
yl[\ 4 / 2000-2001

yl[\6 / 2002-2003 
ahulxA yl[      

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ilhUA 4h[A;45
24" 2001
LlukA tShl<jukA Qgk sspiA fs'ulSnl_ 12lA .lzA
Qgk fjgk^H
ilhUA 4h[A;44
17" 2001
LlukA tShl<jukA Qgk sspiA fs'ulSnl_ 11lA .lzA
vjh Yefjdgn$&
ilhUA 4h[A;43
10" 2001
LlukA tShl<jukA Qgk sspiA fs'ulSnl_ 10lA .lzA
ilhUA 4h[A;42
Sau\ 3
" 2001

Ydjc\fkSuCkijhk .liA fS' rj$xjhkak%lujgj[s}
LlukA tShl<jukA Qgk sspiA fs'ulSnl_ 9lA .lzA
vjh Yefjdgn$&

ilhUA 4h[A;41
26" 2001
LxxlukA -Shl<jakA Qgk sspiA fs'ulSnl_ 8lA .lzA
ilhUA 4h[A;38
-YejH 5" 2001
sspiCkYCo,u\[kSi%jukxx sspi^js ijxj
LxxlukA -Shl<jakA Qgk sspiA fs'ulSnl_
5lA .lzA
Lisr ckfj[kd;;;;;
ilhUA 4h[A;37
alGv+\29" 2001
LxxlukA tShl<jukA Qgk sspiA fslulSnl_ rlhlA .lzA
ilhUA 4h[A;36
alGv+\15" 2001
LxxlukA -Shl<jukA Q'kfs'ulSnl_ 3lA .lzA
ilhUA 4h[A;35
alGv+\15" 2001
egjlr^js ivrA 
LxxlukA -Shl<jakA Qgk sspiA fs'ulSnl_ g%lA .lzA
ilhUA 4h[A;34
alGv+\8" 2001

BlR egjCkll.jS]dA Yelejv+jgj[k'k t'\ trjs[$sr LyjulA_
LxxlukA tShl<jukA Qgk sspiA fs'ulSnl_

ilhUA 4h[A;33
alGv+\ 1" 2001
egjCkllijs ig$& seOshlc\ LS~l chs d%kejmj^alSnl_
SuCk YdoCj[s~}k

ilhUA 4h[A;32
sEY>kigj22" 2001

ele^js @gA.A Tf\ seOshlc\ LS~lchs cIuiUlDU ralSnl_
vjh Yefjdgn$&

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yl[\6 / 2002-2003 
ahulxA yl[

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